Matrix Steel


From the day Bob and Diann Buchbach started their business 40 years ago in rural Queensland, they knew they needed to relentlessly and continually evolve to keep pace with the needs of their customers and deliver more than their competitors.


Cue to the current day and armed with a new vision & name, WOW Creative started the ball rolling with brand strategy and positioning before crafting the new logo and collateral.


Matrix Steel above all, is a people business. Yes, they manufacture, supply and install quality sheds, roofs, fences, cladding, and verandahs, but they do so to protect the lives and livelihoods of people and add value to their properties. Matrix Steel values its longstanding relationships with customers, staff, contractors and suppliers because these strong bonds have forged a successful and resilient business. If there is one thing people value more than anything else, it’s trust. And people know they can trust Matrix.


Make it a Matrix.


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